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Lower Your Electric Bill

You won't be breaking the bank when you follow these helpful tips to lower your electric bill and save some money.

Everyone loves saving money. But the saving of money doesn’t have to be exclusively at stores or restaurants. No, you can even save money in the cozy confines of your own home.  One of the main ways that people save money through their bills is by making cutbacks on their electric bills. There are numerous […]

Space Heater Safety Tips

Make sure to keep your home and family safe and secure with these helpful safety tips for your home's space heater.

Whenever winter comes along, there’s nothing more important than a working space heater. But sometimes, space heaters can be a safety hazard when not taken care of properly. Hazards such as fire, faulty electrical wiring, and even ventilation problems can all be caused by space heaters. This is why it is so important to manage […]

Reasons To Have Your Air Quality Checked

Don't make your family struggle to breathe. Take these reasons into account when it comes to having your indoor air quality checked.

When it comes to poor air quality, most people only consider air pollution in the outdoor air. Most people fail to realize that the air quality in their own homes can become polluted and contaminated after a long period of time. There are many variables that contribute to the air quality of ones’ home. Poor […]

Most Common HVAC Problems

Make sure your HVAC unit is properly running and up to date by avoiding these common HVAC problems and knowing the solutions to fix them.

No matter what anyone says, heating and cooling air conditioning is the most important part of a home. It’s the first thing we notice when we walk through the door. We’re repulsed and sweating when it’s too hot and shivering when we’re too cold. So it should come as no surprise that making sure your […]

Summer Checklist For Your HVAC Service Unit

Make it a summer to remember with an HVAC unit that is running smoothly and without a problem with this important checklist.

With summer here in full swing, the need to beat the heat is evident now more than ever before. And as the weather gets warmer and warmer, the need to maintain your home’s HVAC unit is more significant than ever. In order to obtain high-quality air, your home’s HVAC unit must be running smoothly and […]

What is the ideal level of humidity to keep your house comfortable?

No matter where you live, humidity can put a damper on your health and overall comfort. In the summer, humidity can make the heat feel even worse, causing people to feel lethargic, irritable and generally unwell. While many people think of humidity as hot, heavy and sticky outdoor air, it’s important to also consider your […]

Is your HVAC running efficiently?

If your heating and cooling bills have gone up or some rooms are not as comfortable as others, you may have a drop in the efficiency of your heating, ventilation and air conditioning system. There are many potential reasons for this, including leaking ducts, improperly maintained equipment, an overtaxed HVAC system, and poorly installed systems. A […]

What to expect when you choose Peppers Heating and Air to replace your HVAC system.

First, our crew will protect all flooring in applicable work areas by laying drop cloths and/or protective paper. Next, they should move furniture and other household belongings near the work areas to a safe location and out of the way. Because there may be some dust created during the installation, heavy furniture and other household […]

Reducing Carbon Footprint with High-Efficiency Heat Pumps

Buildings use more than one-third of the world’s energy, most of it for heating spaces and water. Most of this heat is generated by burning natural gas, oil, or propane. And where these fossil fuels are consumed, greenhouse gas emissions are a given. Electric heat pumps, first widely used in the 1970s in Europe, could be the […]

New Thermostat Technology : The future is now

Wireless and ‘smart’ technologies top the list of key thermostat innovations. Since the first electric room thermostat was invented in 1883, it has seen few changes. For many years the thermostat was just a dial on the wall. When programmable thermostats started making their way into homes and businesses, they did little to save the […]