Can Summer Storms Affect Your Air Conditioning?

Air conditioners are tough and are built to withstand the elements. Sometimes if your area experiences heavy rains for a period of time you may be concerned that it can damage your HVAC unit. Don’t worry. Most storms, even if they are severe, won’t affect how your unit it operates. So, even in the heaviest summer rain shower, your unit will keep running so that you can watch the storm from the comfort of your cool home.

The outdoor components of the HVAC unit are made of metal, copper or aluminum. These heavy duty materials mean that the parts are able to withstand rain and snow. The electrical parts of the system are sealed off so that they do not get wet. An HVAC unit is located outside, so of course it is going to be built to withstand what Mother Nature throws at it. However there may be some instances where that is not always true. Heavy storms, flooding and other extreme weather conditions could cause a problem with your unit.
If your area experiences flooding or storms with high winds, your unit could be damaged. When you need affordable air conditioning service or repair, contact Peppers Heating and Air to learn how we can help.

How Summer Storms Affect Your AC Unit

For instance, heavy rain with flooding that causes your unit to stand in water may damage internal parts. If you are concerned that standing water may have damaged your unit, call in an HVAC professional such as a technician from Peppers Heating and Air. They can send someone out quickly so that you can get the repairs you need and get your unit working again.

A storm with heavy winds could cause small or large debris to become trapped in the unit’s grill or fan. After a storm with heavy winds, check around your unit to make sure it is clear of branches, leaves or anything else that could block the unit.

Some homeowners like to cover their air conditioner during the winter months in order to protect it from cold temperatures. While it is not necessary, it can be good practice. However, it needs to be wrapped properly or you could run the risk of damaging the unit. If moisture is able to get in, it can build up inside and damage the wires and rubber parts as well as increasing the risk of causing the metal parts to rust. Because there is not enough ventilation, it can also cause mold and mildew to grow.

Hailstorms can also cause damage to your unit. While most may just be cosmetic, such as dings in the exterior, if the hail is large or heavy enough, the dents could have damaged internal parts or knocked something loose. If your unit doesn’t seem to be running as well after a big hail storm, have a technician check it out.

Some homeowners wonder if running their air conditioner during a thunderstorm with lightening is safe. While rare, there is a chance lightening could strike your home or air conditioner. If that were to occur, having the unit turned off means that it is less likely to be hit with a surge, which can damage the unit, especially if it is running.

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