Greater Comfort with Less Environmental Impact

Our new heating and cooling systems can help you lower your utility bills and be more comfortable and healthy.

Technological advances in heating and air equipment now enable you to lower your carbon footprint dramatically as well as making your indoor air quality healthier and cleaner than ever before.

The new high-efficiency variable speed technology allows the thermostat or controller to use all the necessary factors to keep your home at a constant temperature. These controllers have communicating abilities with the equipment so they can maintain the correct amount of tempered air throughout your home constantly instead of the on-off cycles that are the norm with conventional systems.  The idea is to achieve 100% run time at a very low speed. This achieves many goals for the homeowner: First, the constant flow of tempered air creates a smooth Evan temperature all throughout the home. Secondly, the low airflow allows greater ability to filtrate the air,t removing even the smallest particles of indoor air pollutants. This also allows Indoor air quality products like the Reme Halo to be 100 percent effective by allowing the virus grabbing materials produced by the Reme to be introduced into the air constantly battling all forms of bacteria and viruses.

All this being said, you must have the appropriate amount of ductwork for these systems to work properly. Rarely can you just install one of these high-quality systems in place of your current system and be off and running perfectly. We strive to take into account all aspects of installing a new system, including ductwork, sizing, and location. Personalized comfort is another area we consider, 70 degrees might be acceptable to one person and too cold for the next. Each system we install is tailored specifically for the home and the customer for Results That Last.TAGS: HIGH EFFICIENCY HVAC