Why a Humidifier is Beneficial


Technology is constantly changing and devices are adapting in new and exciting ways. Homeowners are able to get As winter approaches, the air around you gets colder and drier. This can impact your health in multiple ways. If you have dry skin, a scratchy throat, or a bloody nose, it may be the result of dry air in your home. There are ways to remedy this, however. Adding a humidifier can have multiple benefits, and they are available to cover a single room or your entire home. Before you buy one, there are some factors to consider. Here is why a humidifier can help your home, as well as what to look for when purchasing one.

How Do They Work?

No matter what model you choose, the basic premise of a humidifier is similar. The unit has a sensor that detects the humidity in the air and uses that to cycle on and off. A water panel or reservoir adds vapor to circulated air as needed. Whole-home humidifiers work differently compared to single-room versions. Bypass humidifiers evaporate air by using the airflow generated by a furnace, while power humidifiers have a fan built in them that dries the air. Humidifiers come in two distinct types: cool-mist and warm-mist. Warm-mist versions are also known as steam vaporizers. Each of these works well and comes in different styles, so choosing the one you want mainly depends on the features it has and your own preference.

Humidifier Styles Available

There are six specific styles available:

  • Impeller Humidifiers. These single-room models are usually the most affordable. A fast rotating disc stirs water into droplets that enter the air. Since they don’t emit hot steam, they are safe to use around pets and kids.
  • Ultrasonic Humidifiers. These humidifiers use ultrasonic vibrations to create mist. Versions of these humidifiers are available in both cool-mist and warm-mist styles.
  • Evaporative Humidifiers. Also known as evaporators, these blow cool air into a wet filter to create humidity. A potential drawback is that it doesn’t allow users to control humidity levels. This means that it’s important to regularly monitor the indoor humidity in your home. In addition, all components need to be cleaned, including the main unit, filter, water tank, and fan.
  • Central Humidifiers. These are the bypass or power humidifiers mentioned above that are built directly into your home’s HVAC system. They are more expensive compared to other models. However, they create consistent humidity levels throughout every room. The water tanks included need to be cleaned on average every 2-3 weeks, but the filters typically last a full year.
  • Steam Vaporizers. Made to fit in a single room, these electric models heat then cool water, creating steam. The steam exits through a tube to humidify a room. Some versions have the option of a diffuser to add essential oils. If you have asthma or an allergy, you can sit next to this humidifier and breathe the humid air directly.
  • Console Humidifier Units. These are larger in size compared to other models and are mounted on wheels. Console humidifiers are designed to add humidity to larger rooms. They are cool-mist humidifiers and need the same cleaning and maintenance as similar, smaller versions.

What Benefits Do Humidifiers Have?

Having a humidifier in your home has multiple benefits. The primary reason people buy one is the effect it has on their health. When humidifiers maintain the right humidity level, it prevents your skin from drying out and keeps your airways and nasal passages healthy. It’s also beneficial for those suffering from allergies or asthma. Humidifiers help keep your home’s humidity at optimum levels; not too dry but also not too wet, which could lead to the formation of mold or mildew.

The benefits of a humidifier go beyond just health. Keeping the correct humidity level also prevents problems dry air can cause in your home. Low moisture can lead to damage to wood floors, doors, and furniture. By addressing your home’s humidity, you reduce the risks of potential damage and extend the life of your home.

A humidifier is a key piece of equipment to consider for your home, especially if you are susceptible to the effects of dry air. With a wide selection available, it’s easy to find one that best fits your needs. Finding the right humidifier will provide numerous benefits for both you and your home.

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