Can UV Light Improve Air Quality?

UV Light

Homeowners are always looking for ways to improve the air quality in their homes. It is important, especially in recent years, to have a way to remove the possibility of dust and mold. One of the newest methods used by homeowners is installing ultraviolet lights in their HVAC system. These lights are designed to kill bacteria, mold, and viruses that enter through coils in the system. But, do they work and how well? Here is everything to know about UV light and HVAC systems.

How Does It Work?

Before you install ultraviolet lighting in your home, it helps to know how they work. The first thing to know is that UV lights use highly concentrated rays to target specific airborne contaminants. Also, the lights, known as ultraviolet germicidal irradiation systems, focus on viruses, bacteria, and microbes that exist in the air. The wavelengths from the rays essentially remove the pathogens that could cause bacteria and mold particles. Depending on various elements, up to 90% of airborne contaminants can be removed using UV light. This includes MRSA, listeria, and flu-causing particles.

Installing UV Light In Your Home

Adding ultraviolet doesn’t require buying a new HVAC system or installing new ductwork. The majority of lighting options are add-ons to your existing system installed by a heating and air contractor. The UV light connects to the evaporating unit located within the HVAC system. As a result, it operates only when the system is on. The installer reviews the system thoroughly. This ensures the air handling system is clean and no leaks are found. By doing this, the UV lighting operates at optimum conditions.

Lighting Options

There are two distinct types of ultraviolet lighting that can be installed: coil sanitizing and air sanitizing. The most common type is coil UV lights. The coil inside central air conditioners condenses moisture from the air to dehumidify your home. Additionally, as air passes over the coil, particles and other elements are stuck to the coil. This can lead to bacteria or mold. The coil lights shine directly on the coil. Therefore, this helps to sterilize it.

Air sanitizing lights are installed in the ductwork that brings return air to an HVAC system. Available in stick and U-shapes, these lights need to be hardwired within an HVAC unit. This is due to some having on and off functions that are coordinated with the blower motor. This makes these lights more expensive to install.

Benefits of UV Lighting

Besides improving the overall air quality in your home, adding ultraviolet lighting offers multiple benefits for homeowners. Eliminating dust, mold, and mildew can be positive for allergy and asthma sufferers. When light removes contaminants from an HVAC system, it reduces allergy symptoms such as sneezing and wheezing. Also, ultraviolet light is also beneficial when it comes to removing unwanted odors. Some smells are created by Volatile Organic Compounds or VOCs. These compounds can cause numerous health problems, such as irritation and nausea. UV light eliminates these smells from the ventilation in your HVAC unit.

Ultraviolet light has financial benefits as well. As time goes on, your HVAC system can fill up with dirt and other pollutants. This buildup can diminish the performance of your system, causing it to work harder to heat or cool. Additionally, the increase in energy consumption leads to higher costs. By choosing the best light for your HVAC unit, removing the particle buildup can improve its performance, reducing energy costs.

Installation With Safety in Mind

We are familiar with warnings about too much sun exposure. In addition, we hear about the effects the UV rays can have on our skin. UV lights for heating and cooling systems are no different. Direct exposure from these lights is dangerous, particularly towards your eyes and skin. This is why UV lighting requires installation from professionals.  A technician handles all proper precautions before installation. In addition, they ensure the light won’t hurt homeowners.

Ultraviolet light is an effective way to reduce the amount of dust, mold, and other contaminants. There are numerous benefits that not only impact your health but also your wallet. Check with an HVAC contractor to see if adding UV lighting is right for your home.

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