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New Thermostat Technology : The future is now

Wireless and ‘smart’ technologies top the list of key thermostat innovations. Since the first electric room thermostat was invented in 1883, it has seen few changes. For many years the thermostat was just a dial on the wall. When programmable thermostats started making their way into homes and businesses, they did little to save the […]

What to look for when Evaluating a HVAC Repair Company

Not all heating and air conditioning companies are not the same. In most cases, HVAC companies that continue to be successful, do so not because of some secret plan, fancy invention, or genius idea. The success comes from hard work and motivation, communication, and by providing such excellent service that it dazzles their customers. For […]

Air Conditioning Troubleshooting Guide

Air conditioners are essential to keeping your home cool and comfortable, especially in the summer. When your AC breaks down, waiting for a professional to come to your home and fix it can take days depending on scheduling and availability. Often, simply popping open a window or running a fan isn’t enough on a particularly hot […]


According to Harvard’s Joint Center for Housing Studies, Americans are spending increasingly large amounts of money on residential remodeling projects each year and seeing less and less of a return. From 2018 to 2019, the money spent on home remodels nationwide increased by 7.5%, totaling nearly $340 billion. Yet, the average ROI for these projects was […]


When stifling summer or frigid winter temperatures set in, homeowners have a tendency to reach for the thermostat and crank it up or down in order to stay comfortable. A few weeks later, they discover that their energy bill has skyrocketed and wonder why it drastically increased. The equation is simple; the more your indoor […]

Furnace Tips: 7 Adjustments to Improve Winter Comfort

There are lots of furnace adjustments and upgrades you can make that will improve indoor comfort levels in your Metro Atlanta home. These adjustments can also help save money on your heating expenses. It’s important to note that the majority of furnace adjustments should be left in the hands of a professional, not only for […]

Furnace vs. Heat Pump: Which is best for your home

Homeowners often wonder about the difference between a furnace and a heat pump and which is better for your Metro Atlanta home. There are several factors to take into consideration when determining whether you need a furnace vs. heat pump; including price, noise, and efficiency. If you are thinking about replacing your HVAC system, consider […]

Indoor Air Quality Solutions and Maintenance

Our years of experience with Indoor Air Quality have actually taught us the relevance of preventative upkeep. Appropriate maintenance guarantees the life of your COOLING AND HEATING system and conserves your money on energy expenses and future repair services.  We focus on a variety of a/c solutions, installation, and substitute solutions. When a HEATING AND COOLING […]

Can Summer Storms Affect Your Air Conditioning?

Air conditioners are tough and are built to withstand the elements. Sometimes if your area experiences heavy rains for a period of time you may be concerned that it can damage your HVAC unit. Don’t worry. Most storms, even if they are severe, won’t affect how your unit it operates. So, even in the heaviest […]